Update 0.1.9

Hello, it’s been a while since our last update. Thank you for all of your support and for now, check out our New Exciting Updates:

1. Since Chrome version 79, Google changed background process mechanism that broke our “Random All NewTabs” feature. Problem’s solved, it will work fine if you have all FreeAddon newtab extensions updated to version 0.1.9.

Random All FreeAddon Newtab extensions

2. The Fall Leaves animation has a new look with random color from yellow to red. Now you can feel the calmness of autumn right on your browser. Watching the leaves fall of the trees, can have the same effect as watching the waves of the sea during summer, it can clear your mind and bring quite contentment.

Fall Leaves Animation

3. Bugfixes: We fixed errors in auto completion mechanism for Google Search input. Also Google Search works fine now when Fall Leaves animation is enabled. Got another bug fix for enabling/disabling the Rain animation.
Background images transition now works smoother. If you have problem with this feature, please choose “Fade In” in the Options box.

Background images transition - Fade In

4. Sometimes you want to dislike only a few of the wallpapers, and FreeAddon newtab has too many images to click “Mark as favorite”. Now you can choose Favor All Images and then easily unmark those you dislike.

5. We publish minor updates frequently having new HD wallpapers added to FreeAddon newtab extensions. If you choose Auto Favor New Images, the new wallpapers will be marked as favorites automatically after every minor update.

6. The annoying error message that says “Unable to get weather data, Click here to change city for weather” is removed. To re-enable weather forecast feature, we must find a good weather data provider that’s able to serve million of users. It requires time and money, but don’t worry, it’s already on our high priority to-do tasks.


Q: How can I update my New Tabs?
A: Freeaddon New Tabs update automatically, you don’t have to do anything.

Q: Why there is no Bookmark Bar?
A: When you install a NewTab, your Bookmark Bar will be temporary closed, NOT deleted. You can turn on Bookmark Bar again by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B, or, clicking on the “3 Dots” icon > hover to “Bookmarks” > click on “Shows bookmark bar”

Q: Why does address bar have an URL when openning a newtab (not blank)?
A: This is the question we receive from many users. We apologize for the inconvenience but this is due to technical restrictions when we created the “Random All NewTab” feature and we cannot do anything to fix this.
Google has a policy that only one extension may replace “chrome://newtab” page at a time. In order to make randomized newtab page from various extensions, we must use “redirect method” making the extension’s URL appear in address bar. If you do not like it, you can disable the “Random All NewTab” feature to get a clean address bar.

Q: How to use “Random All NewTabs” option?
A: When you install multiple Freeaddon NewTab extensions (we highly recommend installing the latest 0.1.9 version), simply click on “Options” > tick “Random All NewTabs” box at the bottom:

By ticking this box, you will now see a different theme everytime you open a newtab page. And all Freeaddon NewTab extensions must be enabled in order to for this option to work.

To quickly enable/disable Freeaddon NewTab extensions, get to “Must-Have Related Themes” tab and you will see a list of your installed Freeaddon extensions:

Finally, please note that this option only works with Freeaddon NewTab extensions.

We would love to hear your thoughts, concerns or problems with anything so we can improve!